Why Your Business Absolutely Needs A Website

Survival is a good reason. Growth is an even better one.

Why is it so imperative now for your business to have a website? How about…Survival? That’s a good reason. Growth…that’s an even better one.

The effectiveness of traditional methods of advertising are declining at an alarming rate. The number of people who reach for the newspaper or magazines are also rapidly declining. “Google it” has become the standard for finding…well, everything. Concurrently, the price of advertising your business in local or community mailers is going up. Why? Because they are losing business and revenue at astounding rates and therefore have to raise the prices on you in order to survive.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, how much do you spend on advertising per year? Local mailers or advertisements/flyers that show up in my physical address mailbox don’t even make it inside of my home. They go straight to the recycle bin. Trash can media. How much is your business spending on trash can media?

Wouldn’t you rather consolidate your budget into an online source that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year?

“But I don’t have the budget for a website, they’re too expensive.” Really?

A local radio spot can cost $500 – $1,600 per week/per station.


A 30-second TV commercial spot in a medium-sized market can typically cost around $5 per thousand viewers…and that doesn’t factor in the cost of the production of that commercial. Do you have a DVR or TiVo in your home? Do you do what I do when commercials come on? Yep, hit that fast forward button.


What about billboard advertising? $700 – $2500 per month.


Again…a website works for you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What about visibility? With a website you gain the ability to attract a larger audience rather than just focusing on a local market. What about your business reputation? To consumers, having a professionally designed website is an exact measure of how successful your business is. It is also an indicator of your business’ stability and longevity. To not have a website in these technologically evolving times is seen as a weakness, particularly for small businesses.

What about your competitors? Do they have a website? If not, now is the time to pounce and gain your advantage over them.

“But I’m just a small business with two employees. I can’t compete against the big companies.” Wrong. A website is not reflective of the number of employees, yet, it is reflective of your services, products, philosophies and value to your customers. In terms of business, bigger isn’t always better. Accuracy is.

A website is your online brochure which can be changed anytime you wish. How much is it costing you to change the message or wording on your flyers? What about postage? Having a Content Management System within your website allows you to change your content whenever you want, and you don’t have to pay anybody else to do it.

Investing in a website now allows you to save money over the long-term.