Custom WordPress Development


Iowa City Web Design offers custom WordPress development services for businesses of all sizes. From startup companies, to Mom & Pop shops, to Fortune 500 companies. And everything in between. Because our team of developers are capable and flexible in meeting the requirements of each individual project.  Whether it be a small business website or an enterprise-size project requiring extensive quality assurance testing.

What are the Benefits of Custom Website Development?

Original Look and Feel

Be unique. Instead of taking a “follow-the-leader” approach, blaze your own path.  Become the one that others follow in your industry. Through customization you can create a look truly unique to your company.

Performance Increase

Some website themes come loaded with features that you may not need. Having a purpose-built custom WordPress theme eliminates unnecessary bloat.  Because only the essential functions or features that you need are built into the website, your performance is increased.

Tailor-made for Your Clients

Have your website built to specifically cater to the needs of your customer base. Because each business is unique. So your website should be as well. Provide your customers with exactly what they are looking for.

Better Security

There are numerous free security plugins available which do a satisfactory job of protecting a website. But sometimes the development and support of those plugins can come to an end. This leaves your website vulnerable. Customization and other techniques can further harden and secure your website.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Because having  a custom WordPress theme developed will eliminate excess coding. This will provide you with a “lean” or “light weight” website. For good SEO you must optimize more than just content.

Modifications Are Easier

When a theme or plugin is developed specifically for your website, they can react easier to changes in your business model. No guess work is involved in altering the code that was designed by a third-party. As your business grows, so can your website.

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