Buying A Website: What You Need to Know

The act of buying a website does not alone guarantee that your phone will begin to ring. A website is now a vital tool for the growth and survival of a business. In a world that is becoming more virtual and personalized every day, not having a website for your business can be deadly.

A website cannot stand alone by itself and create the magic that you seek. A website that is visually stunning does not equate to instant sales. A websites appearance is only the surface. There are roughly over 140 different factors behind the scenes for each website page that dictate where it will reside in the search engines. If your website cannot be found in the search engines, it doesn’t matter how visually stunning it is. Does the phrase, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound” ring a bell?

To put into another perspective, compare a website to a Bonsai Tree. You simply cannot buy a bonsai tree, set it in a window, forget about it and expect it to thrive. The same principal applies to websites.

A website must be nurtured. Content is what can make or break a website. A websites blog can be an important vessel in delivering that content. A websites content is what feeds the search engines. Sometimes that content needs to be pruned. Sometimes it needs to be fertilized. Sometimes the amount of sunlight it needs requires adjustments. Consider the websites social media accounts to be that sunlight. Social media will help your website grow by efficiently spreading its content to the general public and your target audience. Spreading too much of the websites content can have the same effect as spreading too little. Neither are optimal. Spread just the right amount of content through social media and your website can grow.

Full Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Integration are absolutely necessary for a websites success. They are the future of Small Business Marketing. Simply buying a website or having one built for you does not guarantee a #1 placement on page 1 of Google.

It takes work. It takes time. If you grow a website properly and ethically your website will be rewarded with placement, traffic and conversions.

By Brian Ericson
Owner of Milwaukee Web Design, LLC
& Iowa City Web Design, LLC

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